Monday, January 25, 2010

Exercise of imagination

I've played with Photoshop this weekend on some images that I took this November at a scrap depot. And I wanted to share with you the results. This isn't my favorite activity but the results really help me dive deeper into my world.

I just made an exercise of imagination and composition that made me an enormous pleasure.

I love the colors of these pictures!

The objects behind the camera hide a lot of stories and secrets.


Chani said...

Thanks so much for your visit on my blog!
I wish I could work with Photoshop like you, I still have so many things to learn!
Love, Chani

Nadine said...

Love the pics!

Andreia Sampaleanu said...

Chani, I always feel I have so many things to learn, that's why I'm learning as much as I can and I'm interested in.
I thank you too for visiting me!

Nadine, thanks! I adore the interiors you are posting on your blog! Congratulations for the good taste!
Thanks for stopping by!

FEDERICA said...

Thanks for stopping by and leave such a nice comment!
Have a nice day!