Tuesday, March 27, 2012

She views herself PARIS

The international exhibition  SHE VIEWS HERSELF curated by Doris Kloster is one of my most important participation in an international exhibition. 

The works that belong to the last year of my creation  have in the center the woman. It was one of my ways to discover myself as an artist and as a woman as well. I am looking for my lost and found “ego”, to my lost and found femininity. I’m discovering the woman through my works using selfportraits, portraits of the body of women shown in different poses, moments of time, surrounded by graphic signs, spots…My works show my  dreamworld, full of illusion, a mix beetween inocence and perversion. I try to reveal my changing moods. Each work represents a state of  being motivated by the will of  self/knowledge.

My selfportrait choosen for SHE VIEWS HERSELF   is  a self portrait belonging to the series from my masters degree which I achieved in 2011.
I congratulate the organizers for the success of the exhibition. 


kristina feles said...

It's beutiful to see you here again, I LOVE your new work :o) Congrtas for the exhibition!!!
With love, Kristina

Remek az új festményed Andreia!!!

Andreia Sampaleanu said...

Krisztina...thank you a lot! It's great to be back. Actually I was just working, not really missing. :-)
Wishing you all the best!