Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Journey

This year’s works are reunited under the title of ONIRIS. They continue my introspective study on women - the back and forward journey between self-portrait and the universal woman.
Following a dark introspection that concerned me in the past years, this new series shows the woman in an optimistic way, presented in a rich chromatic expression. The new rediscovered woman is walking her steps through a fantastic and miraculous land of dreams. She rediscovers a fairytale land, relieved of all her anxieties and obsessions.
As a work technique, I found oil colors appropriate. They give me the opportunity to interfere colors for furfilling my purpose, which is a discreet and suave blend of colors, meant to depict the idea described above.

Technique: oil on canvas.
Dimensions: 70/90 cm
Year: 2012


Carine b said...

Really wonderful and magik!!!

Andreia Cismasiu said...

Thank you! I really love your work too. I'm following on fb! All the best to you!

kristina feles said...

Beautiful work Andreia, your womens vulnerability is amazing,the way you can express it is really impressive!! Thanks for sharing your work!!!

Andreia Cismasiu said...

Thank you Krisztina for following! I wish you a lot of crativity as well! Have a great day!